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For nearly 70 years, professional saddle makers and leather craftsmen have trusted Tee See Oil to be the very best in leather conditioning. Colorado Saddlery has used Tee See Oil in our own saddle and tack oiling process since the 1950’s. We strongly regard Tee See to be the key element to the quality and longevity of our leather products. We can confidently say that this is the finest leather oil on the market. Colorado Saddlery is excited to offer this unparalleled product to the public for all leather conditioning needs. 

Created in small batches, this family owned company still uses the same leather conditioning formula today. Tee See Oil is made with the finest all natural ingredients, including bees wax and lanolin. Leather products can really take a beating between aging and the elements of nature. This exceptional conditioner uses the most hydrating ingredients to rejuvenate and preserve leather, making it supple and fresh. Tee See Oil penetrates deep into the leather and leaves it like new. When used at regular intervals, Tee See oil will conserve the look and feel of leather items for many years to come.


Saddles & tack, leather car seats, handbags & accessories, furniture, wallets, shoes & boots, motorcycle accessories, jackets, baseball gloves, & so much more!


Shake well before using. If leather is dirty, treat with a leather cleaner. Test a small amount of Tee See Oil in an inconspicuous spot. Apply using fingers, a clean cloth, or a wool skin piece. Rub Tee See Oil in a small, circular motion and apply as necessary.


Tee See does darken leather. Tee See Oil works best when applied above 65 degrees. Test with caution on suede products. Not intended for ingestion. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Made in Colorado - U.S.A.

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