Saddle Fitting Process

Colorado Saddlery offers several Saddle Fitting options, whether you and your horse are in Colorado or not. 

Free On-Site Saddle Fitting

At our store's location in Westminster, Colorado, we offer free saddle fittings. We ask that you call 303-572-8350 to schedule an appointment with one of our saddle fitting experts. We ask that your horse is comfortable with trailering and new locations. We have hundreds of saddles to choose from that can fit your horse. 

Saddle Fitting Tools

If you are not able to bring your horse to our storefront, that is no problem. We are happy to provide you with our Saddle Fitting tools.

For $300 (includes Shipping & Handling), we will send saddle fitting tools. We ask that these saddle tools be kept no longer than two weeks total. $100 is refunded if tools are returned within two weeks and are in the same condition as when received. The remaining $200 goes towards the purchase of a saddle, or otherwise is nonrefundable. Any additional week that the tools are kept, it is a $50 charge. Feel free to ask us any questions about our Saddle Fitting Tools.