Saddle Purchasing Information

Thank you for considering Colorado Saddlery in your saddle purchasing process!

Colorado Saddlery has been building saddles since the 1920s, and in 1945 began officially selling saddles out of our location in the heart of Downtown Denver. 

When purchasing a Colorado Saddlery saddle, there are a few things to consider:

Build Time


Each saddle is a handmade work of art and, therefore, takes time to be crafted. In a society of mass production, Colorado Saddlery takes pride in taking time to perfect each and every saddle individually. Saddles that read "available for preorder" are not in our existing inventory, and the build time is generally 8-12 weeks. Custom requests can be fulfilled, we ask that all custom orders be placed over the phone at 303-572-8350. 

We have a number of McCall saddles in our inventory at all times, however, the "available for preorder" saddles must be constructed at the hands of the saddle makers. We ask that you call 303-572-8350 if you would like a specific saddle in a bar or seat size not listed on our website. 

We always have a variation of saddles in our showroom that can be shipped the same day. These can be viewed in our "In-Stock Saddles" section on the website.

Online Order Deposit

When an "available for preorder" saddle is purchased through our website, this means we will be putting a special order in for this saddle. If, for any reason, the buyer decides to cancel the order after the building process has started, 50% of the purchase will be refunded. The other 50% is considered a deposit and is nonrefundable. Changes to the saddle can generally be made after purchase if done early, just contact us at 303-572-8350 to discuss your requests. A saddle purchase through our company is an agreement to these terms. 

Custom Saddle Orders

At Colorado Saddlery, the saddle design options are endless. We are determined to bring your vision to life and get you and your horse the saddle you have always dreamed of. To place custom saddle orders, call us at 303-572-8350 to speak to one of our saddle experts. We are happy to assist with the design process. 

Saddle Fitting

We offer a complimentary saddle fitting at our headquarters in Westminster Colorado, by appointment only. Please call us at 303-572-8350 for more information or to set an appointment. 

Thank You So Much For Choosing Colorado Saddlery