LeMieux Work Bridle


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Product Details
The LeMieux Work Bridle is both stylish and practical with a removable-flash on the raised padded noseband, ideal for everyday use. Made from beautifully soft oiled leather that provides that 'broken in feeling' from day one avoiding the stiffness of a new leather bridle.


The clip on the cheekpieces allow the bit to be changed quickly and easily, along with the throat lash clipping onto D-rings on the headpiece making it fully detachable.


This practical work bridle is made from beautifully soft oiled leather and features an anatomically shaped headpiece with soft padded cut away around the ears and poll to aid in the distribution of pressure, maximizing comfort.


Raised padded browband
Bit clips on the cheek pieces for ease of use
Throat lash clips onto D-rings on the headpiece making it fully detachable
Discrete detachable flash loop sits flush within the noseband and is easy to remove
Roller buckles on the flash with a buckle guard
Made from soft oiled leather
Colors: Black with Silver Fittings and Brown with Brass fittings


Reins sold separately.

Info & Care

Leather Care

LeMieux’s finest quality leathers are pre-oiled. Leather is a natural material which needs your care to stay at its best.

Cleaning and maintenance

Leaving your leather dirty, damp or drying it too quickly can cause stiffening and cracks.

After daily use, lightly wipe with lukewarm water and saddle soap. Air dry.

For a deep clean, take apart. Clean thoroughly, using lukewarm water and top-quality saddle soap. Air dry. Treat with a premium leather balm or oil, and buff leather and metalwork with a soft cloth.

Always store in a cool, clean and dry place.

We recommend the LeMieux Luggage Collection for storage.