Fleece-Lined Water Resistant Black Cowhide Driver Gloves

Colorado Saddlery

SKU: 10-212S

These Fleece-Lined gloves are ready and durable to take on those outside jobs while keeping your hands warm in the harsh winter. 
  • Patented Double Wedge design (Extreme Curved Finger)
  • Thermal resistant fleece increases R-value adding warmth
  • Waterproofing added in tanning process creates water repellency in the leather
  • Shirred back (Elastic stretch band for secure fit)
  • Purpose placed gussets for longer lasting construction
  • Minimized seams for less stitching wear
  • Ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue
  • Less stress on gloves that will create a longer life 

 *Comes as a pair 



  1. Glove Design removes the extra leather in the palm to prevent bunching and pinching.
  2. Palm Seam at base of finger gits inside the hands natural crease.
  3. The Double Wedge design creates the natural shape of a relaxed hand, eliminating binding and bunching while reducing hand fatigue.
  4. Less Stitching allows thicker leather to be used for longer lasting gloves. Our design moves or eliminates stitching in critical areas where most wear occurs.
  5. Leather Gussets cover the seams that take the most stress to improve durability. 
  6. The Wing Thumb is two separate pieces of leather that holds the thumb over the palm where it rests naturally. This allows the thumb to move without bunching leather. Most gloves are designed with the thumb flat out to the side.