Cactus Ropes- Swagger Relentless

Colorado Saddlery

SKU: 15-339

Cactus Ropes Introduces CoreTX with the May 1, 2018 release of the Swagger!

The CoreTX does a couple things to an already great feeling Cactus rope. First, the roper will feel more tip weight even in a smaller diameter rope. This is due to the added weight of the core strand. The roper will also notice an extreme increase in the longevity of CoreTX ropes. This is due to a decrease in stretch from run to run plus the four strands are now twisted around a “foundation” which adds much more durability and life to the outside strands.

This rope features one unique trait-they are colored 100% by the core! The outside strands have zero added dye, which makes the ropes extra durable as added dye often breaks down the fibers in the string causing them to fuzz and fray quicker than undyed strands.

The Swagger is a little bigger than an Xplosion and ropers who really like to feel a lot of tip will love this rope. It has tons of tip weight, is extremely easy to swing and has the smoothest feel of any Cactus ever made.


Head Length: 31 ft.

Heel Length: 36 ft.

Head Diameter: Medium Hard

Heel Diameter: Medium Hard

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