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Sport Natural Ride - Pat. No. 7,080,496
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Sport Natural Ride - Pat. No. 7,080,496 Sport Natural Ride - Pat. No. 7,080,496

Sport Natural Ride - Pat. No. 7,080,496

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Remember the simple fun of jumping on your horse and loping off into the pasture? No heavy saddle, no extra equipment, just you and your horse. Well you can experience that great feeling again with the Natural Ride™! The Natural Ride™ is the quick and easy way to ride! The Natural Ride™ is complete and ready to go, weighs only 8 lbs and can be used by anyone.
Close, comfortable contact between horse and rider plus the added convenience of being able to saddle up in seconds makes the Natural Ride™ the natural way to ride! Designed around the patented “Natural Ride Fork”, the Natural Ride™ was made for maximum comfort and easy adjustment. The “Natural Ride Fork”, from which the stirrups and girth hang, has a special withers arch that fits a wide variety of horses and allows
the rider to mount and dismount anywhere. The stirrups can be quickly adjusted for either
short or long legs and can handle a wide variety of girth lengths.
The Natural Ride™ is complete, ready to ride and doesn’t need any extra equipment
to use.