Medicine Lodge Wade Roughout Saddle

Colorado Saddlery


Currently in Stock: 15" mule 
Call 303-572-8350 for any other seat or bar size!
This saddle is made of top quality Herman Oak leather with all roughout. This saddle has a 4" cantle with a Cheyenne roll, 3" full stirrup leathers and a Nevada twist in the stirrup leathers to help relieve stress on your knees. This saddle also has a 28" double rounded skirt with a hard seat. Flank cinch included. 
  • TREE: Rawhide Covered New & Improved Colorado Wade
  • BARS: Semi-Quarter Horse, Quarter Horse, Full Quarter Horse, Draft, Mule, Other
  • SEAT: 13-17" in Half Inch Increments, Hard Seat
  • CANTLE: 4", with Leather/roughout Cheyenne Roll 1"
  • FORK: 8 1/2"
  • HORN: 3" High x 4" Cap, Mulehide Wrapped 
  • RIGGING: Flat Plate Rigging
  • SKIRTS: 28"* Fleece Lined, Breast Collar Dees, Double Rounded with Kingsbraid
  • STIRRUP LEATHERS: 3" Full with Blevins Buckles and Nevada Twist
  • STIRRUPS: Rawhide Ropers
  • FINISH: Roughout
  • WEIGHT: 41 lbs*

*Subject to change due to seat size