Half Breed Medicine Lodge Wade

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    The Half Breed Medicine Lodge Wade Saddle was designed for those who spend all day everyday in the saddle. The technology for professionals who spend ample amounts of time riding, giving them the comfort needed to keep focus during long hours in the saddle. Built using Herman Oak leather, known for its extremely high quality, this beauty is sure to stay in great condition over the years to come.
    • Tree: Rawhide Covered New & Improved Colorado Wade
    • Bars: Standard Quarter Horse (6 3/4" Gullet) Available in SQH, QH, FQH. 
    • Seat: 14 ½”, 15”, 15 ½”, 16”, 16 ½”, 17” Padded.
    • Cantle: 4" with 1 1/2" dropped leather Cheyenne roll
    • Fork: 9 1/2" with Rope Strap
    • Horn: 3" Neck x 4" Cap
    • Rigging: Front 7/8 Flat Plate, rear 2 1/2" Stainless Steel Dee
    • Skirts: Fleece Lined, Breast Collar Dees
    • Flank Cincha: Heavy Skirting Leather
    • Stirrup Leathers: 3" with Blevins Buckles, Nevada Twist
    • Stirrups: 3" Natural Rawhide Ropers or Monel style. 
    • Finish: Partial Basket Stamped, Black Conchas
    • Weight: 38 lbs. Fully Rigged