Combo (6' x 9') Hay Feeder

Colorado Saddlery

SKU: 34-1

Large Square or Large Round Bales

Built with 2x2 steel tubing with green- treated floors, skids, and a steel roof, these feeders are a great solution to saving on hay costs.  To ensure the quality and maintain the weather safe affect these feeders have, a powder coat has been applied insuring the color to stay vibrant & intact, all while leaving no room for rust to attack.  Another great factor these feeders possess is the wood flooring that collects the hay allowing you to reuse the hay collected. Easy moving provided by the skids attached to the bottom allowing you to use a pull technique. Easy access to the feeder for hay is provided through a detachable swinging door allowing the roof to be the main source of protection.

The feeders have a square design to them because with the research, Farm Built Hay Feeders has found out that horses are less likely to bully or harm other horses from eating if they have to keep cutting corners. 

These Hay Feeders are designed to accommodate the natural lifestyle of horses, allowing them to graze steadily throughout the day.