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This saddle is one of the best all purpose saddles that we make. Designed for the trail, it has footman loops in all the right places so you can carry everything (including the kitchen sink)! The comfortable seat and 4” cantle make riding all day easy. This saddle combines quality, comfort and usefullness at a great price!

TREE: Colorado Association
BARS: Semi Quarter Horse (6 1/2” Gullet)
SEAT: 14", 14.5", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5" or 17"
CANTLE: 4 1/2”, Leather Cheyenne Roll
FORK: 14” with Rope Strap
HORN: #4 Dally Post, Rawhide Bound (3 1/2” High • 2 1/2” Cap)
RIGGING: 7/8 Stainless Steel Hanging Double Dees
SKIRTS: 28”, Fleece Lined, Breast Collar Dees, Footman Loops & Rings
FLANK CINCHA: Heavy Skirting Leather
STIRRUP LEATHERS: 3” with Blevins Buckles
STIRRUPS: 3” Leather Ropers
FINISH: Plain, Oiled and Polished
WEIGHT: 44 lbs. Fully Rigged