4 Flat Roper Saddle

Colorado Saddlery


This is a sure enough roping saddle! Designed to be used all day everyday it will stand up to the toughest arena conditions.

TREE: Rawhide Covered Guthrie Roper
BARS: Full Quarter Horse (7” Gullet)
SEAT: 14", 14.5", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5" or 17" Quilted Padded
CANTLE: 4”, Cheyenne Roll
FORK: 13” Undercut
HORN: 3” High • 3” Cap
RIGGING: 7/8 Stainless Steel Hanging Double Dees
SKIRTS: 25” Fleece Lined, Breast Collar Dees
FLANK CINCHA: Heavy Skirting Leather
STIRRUP LEATHERS: 3” with Blevins Buckles
STIRRUPS: 3” Rawhide Ropers
FINISH: Partial Basket Stamped, Oiled and Polished
WEIGHT: 42 to 44 lbs. Fully Rigged