Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting

Colorado Saddlery is excited to offer a saddle fitting process so simple, you can do it at home! Why deal with the hassle of trailering and traveling to a saddle fitting to get a custom saddle if you don't have to?

So how does it work?

We will mail you our Saddle Fitting Models to try on your horse. 

What do you do?

Send us $250 to receive the Saddle Fitting Models

$50 will be reserved for shipping (We will send the shipping receipt with the package)

$100 will be returned

$100 will go towards your purchase of a new saddle

Fit the Models to your horse to find the best match like we did in our saddle fitting video. 

We ask that you send the Saddle Fitting Models back within 5 business days.

This system is cutting edge and we are excited to help you find the saddle of your dreams!

Contact us for more information, and let's get you started!


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