Product Training

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At Colorado Saddlery, we offer effective training materials designed to educate you on the different choices that are available. Our goal is to make your customer experience with us as smooth and as flawless as possible as we help you make the right purchasing decision for you and your horse. To assist in this process, we feature product-specific course material in the following categories.

Choosing the Right Bit

For over 50 years Colorado Saddlery has offered the widest selection of Western bits available. We are proud of the quality, styles and selection that we are able to offer. The link below provide additional information regarding the basic styles and mouthpieces that we have ready for you

Download the “Tid Bits 101” PDF






Sizing your Saddle

Colorado Saddlery offers a wide array of WORLD-CLASS saddles and while we pride ourselves on our quality and selection , we believe selecting the right size and the right product for your horse is just as important as having a quality product. Our goal is to make your purchasing experience a pleasant and productive one. In the process, help educate you on how SIZING can make a difference in how well you enjoy your ride and also how your horse behaves.

We know you’ll like our Genuine Leather custom-made Western saddles. And in order to make sure your saddle fits as well as possible, we have this special section on sizing your saddle.

Saddle Sizing